Mount Wachusett

From the north part of our farm, you can see Mount Wachusett. In this area, you are standing over 900 feet above sea level and looking SSW 20 miles to see the mountain, which is about 2000 feet above sea level. The mountain is the highest point in eastern Massachusetts. Our property's southerly slope allows for a bountiful amount of sun to shine and to be able to see for miles.  
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Covered Bridge

Our covered bridge will be a reflection of the New England landscape. The iconic covered bridge sparks romance and provides the perfect spot for that romantic embrace and kiss as well as where your photographer will love to capture your moments.  Expected completion is summer 2022.  

Japanese Foot Bridge

We are installing a Japanese footbridge which will be another great spot for photography. This red bridge will be located near our pond and stone patio.  Expected completion of this piece is summer of 2022.  

The Big Rock

Something about the formidability of a huge piece of granite. We have several areas on The Ashby Grove where you will be amazed at the size of the granite protruding from the earth. They make great backdrops for photos as well as areas for your ceremony, or gathering areas for folks.  One is 15' high and 40 ft. wide.