1. Wait, What ?  This does not exist yet?
No.  We are under construction.  An engineering firm is under contract to survey, plan, engineer and recommend our exact site plan.  We are expecting to have a grand opening party in December of 2021.  We will be offering 3D tours in April 2021 based on our engineered drawings.  We are accepting reservations today for events starting in December of 2021. 

2. What is included?
When you book The Ashby Grove, your fee covers use of all spaces, utilities, parking, our mobile app and of course all listed amenities including the (14) private guest rooms in the barn and the Newlywed Cabin from 12:00 pm Friday to 12:00pm Monday.  

3. Can I choose my own caterer?

4. Will you setup the space how I want it?
Absolutely. After you book your reservation, we will have a zoom session to review various layouts we can review using the AllSeated Ops software.  This allows you to see various colors and trims.  

5. Where is the nearest ATM?
The nearest ATM is located at Mr. Mikes Mini Mart on Main street in downtown Ashby, located at 1274 Main Street.  

6. ADA Accessible?
The Ashby Grove is being constructed from the ground up ADA accessible. We have ramps, large restrooms and wide walkways for our elderly or disabled to get around. 

7. How many guests can we have?
The Ashby Grove can safely accommodate about 500 guests for a large outdoor Farm to Table Experience. Each building will have a maximum occupants limit and must be adhered. But our outside spaces will have no such limitation.

8. Can we bring our own wine, beer and liquor for the reception?  
We purposely are setting our drink prices at a reasonable level so that our hosts don't have to worry about having to do this to save money.  We will have bars open and accessible easily throughout the weekend.  If you would like to bring it and keep it in your room and enjoy it while you are on our farm -- you are welcome.  Just during the official meals, we ask that you refrain from bringing beverages to the meal. 

9. Do you provide wedding planning services?
Yes.  We use AllSeated software to offer our hosts an array of services from guest list management to floor plan design and 3D tours, AllSeated is a valued partner of The Ashby Grove.  After you book your wedding the planning starts. 

10. Do you allow materials that scatter during the ceremony?
Yes, as long as they are outside and biodegradable.

11. Will there be other things going on at the farm during my event?
No. You will have exclusive access to our farm.  You are our Top Priority !

12. Where is the nearest good hotel?
The nearest good hotel is: The Hilton Doubletree located at 99 Erdman Way, Leominster, MA 01453. It is about 20 mins away.

13. Where can I smoke?
You may smoke anywhere on the farm, except in the Hilltop Barn, including all guest rooms. Enjoy your special day!

14. Can I provide a review?
We want to know how we are doing. We encourage all of our guests to provide us a review, whether you are the booking guest or a guest attending someone else's event here at The Ashby Grove. Click here to post a Google review.  We are using Google as our homebase.  

15. Can I play a slideshow?
Absolutely! We think this is a great way to enhance you and your guests' experience. Therefore, we will supply you with everything you need to do this. Just bring the photos/videos in a folder on your phone and we will plug and play the slideshow of pictures from your phone. It's that easy. We have a 60" flat screen on wheels. 

16. How long do I have access to the farm?
You have access from 12:00pm Friday to 12:00pm Monday.  

17. Can we hang decorations from the ceiling?
You may hang decorations from any of the pavilions but not the inside of our event barn. The beams will be just too high and there will be too much of a safety risk trying to hang them in the barn. There will be spots where the ceiling is lower; and you may hang them there.

18. Can my fur babies be part of the wedding day?
Yes! Bring them!  We will have a perimeter fence on the property. 

19. What happens if the weather is bad for my outside wedding?
Our rainplan is the barn and our large tent with side curtains. 

20. Does The Ashby Grove provide aisle runners for the ceremony?
Yes! We will provide a 75' white aisle runner. If you would like to provide your own, we can certainly use yours.

21. Do you provide catering?
Yes. We have a world-class chef -- Chef Drew on staff and a large kitchen in the barn to prepare, cook and serve your food hot and fresh.  

22. Do you have locations for pictures?
Yes. There are several picturesque locations on our property today.  We anticipate the stone patio overlooking the pond to be a great one, as well as one next to our huge granite boulder.   We also have a natural 20 ft. tall granite wall.  It is amazing to see.  

23. Where are the restrooms on the property?
Yes, we will have large restrooms in our event barn as well as restrooms down by the Stone Patio.  

24. What are the guidelines for cleanup?
Every booking has a cleaning fee of $490 at the time of reservation.  This fee covers our professional cleaner who cleans the barn, private guest rooms, bathrooms and grounds.

25. Are the spaces air-conditioned and heated?
Yes! Our Hilltop Barn will have radiant floor HVAC.  

26. Are tables and chairs included in your pricing?
Yes. We will have 220 padded garden chairs as well as numerous tables, wine barrels and other decorations you will be able to use. These are all currently listed under amenities on the booking engine.

27. What time do we have for the wedding reception?
All guests who are not staying with us overnight must be off the property by midnight.  No coming and going late at night.  
28. Do you host weddings year round?
Yes. The Ashby Grove is open year-round for weddings and events!